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I Am So Excited to Share My Book With You

I Can Sit Again: Non-surgical Treatment for Tailbone Pain was written for my ski buddy. After a day of skiing, as she walked back to her car lugging her skis, poles and boot bag, her foot slipped on a patch of black ice. Her feet came out from under her, her gear went flying, she landed with the wind knocked out of her, right on her tailbone. She thought she had broken her tailbone. The subsequent pain lasted for months. It interfered with her ability to sit which made it excruciating to drive the hour to and from work, agonizing to sit all day at work and uncomfortable to sit while eating dinner or watching tv with her family. Her sleep was interrupted, she could not concentrate and was moody. She was exhausted. She was not her best self and there was guilt associated with this. There was a short term benefit from Chiropractic treatment and Physical therapy. These did not solve her problem. She did not know where to turn to. After 3 months of treatment with me, she skied the following winter for the first time in 2 years!

The book is written for people who are looking for a solution to treat their chronic pain, especially when other doctors are unsure of what to do; and may imply that either they can not help or that the pain is in their head.

The book is written for people who have already had surgery (c-section, back, knee replacement or other areas with scars). It is written for people who have loose ligaments and can't maintain alignment. It is written for people with pain syndromes, such as fibromyalgia, who are hypermobile or whose joints have a wider range of motion. It is written for women who delivered large babies, tearing their vaginal wall. It is written for people with injuries from car accidents or falls.

Let's say that you don't have issues with sitting, well... this book was written for you, too. There are plenty of examples of people that I have treated with knee, shoulder, ankle, foot, elbow, and neck issues. Athletes rarely describe these issues as pain, rather discomfort. This book is for them and anyone else who has physical reasons that prevent them from fully participating in sport or life.

The hope for this book is that it offers potential non-surgical solutions for treatment for your pain. Please contact me for a an appointment or a telephone consult to discuss your case.

Meet The Author, Dr. Jennifer Stebbing, DO

A physician trained in regenerative medicine, Dr. Jennifer Stebbing, DO, wrote I Can Sit Again: Non-surgical Treatment for Tailbone Pain as a guide to help patients who have injured themselves navigate through the complex medical system to find non-surgical solutions to their pain. She is a puzzle master, intuitive listener, and beacon of hope for those who have done “everything” and still aren’t fully functional. She heralds from Camas in southern Washington, where she has a physical and telemedical practice.

Dr. Jennifer Stebbing, DO

Dr. Jennifer Stebbing, DO